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Donna Bass from Maine

October 20, 2020 Donna Bass

I was a self-taught practicing herbalist in the early 90's. In 1998 I had an opportunity to sit a one-year apprenticeship with Salandrea from the Mustard Seed in Portsmouth NH. As I sat this apprenticeship, I only had more questions than answers. In order to get some answers, I decided to go to college to learn more about how herbs and the body work together. In 2005 I started at the University of New England as a pre-med student, after some self discovery I got a degree in behavioral neuroscience.

At UNE I learned about the body, and the brain as hardware. I discovered I had a passion and talent for scientific research and asking good questions. After graduation from UNE in 2010 I went to the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology to study the brain as software and how the body and the brain work together in a research and education PhD program.

In 2019 I approached Ashlee Robbins with the crazy idea of blending basic science and traditional healing modalities and then to teach these to professional clinicians, hobby herbalists and professional clinical herbalists. I look forward to what we are going to bring to the world in the world’s greatest collaboration; Science and Traditional Healing.

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